MMC ODA - the story of creation, the main tasks and directions.

“The International Medical Center – MMC ODA” started its history since 2008. The main purpose was to found a clinic in Russia both world standards of quality, and would be oriented to treatment of foreign citizens in Russia.

To achieve such a purpose, advanced equipment was purchased and leading foreign doctors were invited as constant personnel and consultants. Today “MMC ODA” is a diversified medical center; the basic staff of doctors is specialists from Israel, Germany, UK and Switzerland, also has been made cooperation with the best medical centers in all countries.

The majority of patients, resorting to services of the clinic are people with a serious pathologies of musculo-skeletal system, diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, oncological and other diseases. The evidence of the international recognition of the center is the achievements in the world rating of quality of goods and services. In particular, “MMC ODA” is a single clinic in Russia, the activities of which are marked both by the Certificate of the Swiss Institute of Quality Standards (SIQS), the Certificate of EBA “European Quality” & “Best enterprise”, and the special award “Name of the year”.

In 2013 “MMC ODA” received a certificate WTO and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and was named the Cathedral Clinic at Tel Aviv University (Israel) and North Central University (USA)

In 2014, the decision of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) «MMC ODA” certificates awarded in the categories of “Leading healthcare provider”, “Innovation in medical tourism ” and “Healthcare innovation programme of the year”

In 2015, “MMC ODA” has been awarded the “TQCS” French Association OtherWays – for the quality of treatment and patient care. In the same year, “MMC ODA” has become a participant of the program “Russian National Project.”

In 2016, “MMC ODA” was awarded the International Association of Medical Tourism (International Medical Travel Association)

In 2017, the “IMC ODA” became a full participant of the European Medical Association (EMA)

In 2018 the European Medical Association awarded the “IMC ODA” with the Best Medical Practice award. In the same year, the clinic was awarded a platinum category according to the assessment of the European Association for Quality of Service (ESQR).

Medical and laboratory-diagnostic equipment of the center, the qualification of doctors-specialists (most of whom are foreigners) as well as applied technologies, methods of treatment and service correspond to the world analogues, but the prices here are considerably lower. This circumstance allows the clinic to be attractive including foreigners.

For residents of the Russian Federation MMC ODA has developed special programs, such as providing medical treatment under medical insurance.

It is possible that you not consider our prices the lowest, but you probably will be satisfied with the range and quality of services received for your money.

Now you do not need to go back overseas – the best foreign experts will conduct the necessary course of diagnosis and treatment in Moscow, using the best equipment and supplies

Welcome and wish you good Health!